Made by Isola, the Dura Original™ yellow decoupling mat, is proven to not fail after installation – giving a performance that’s tiled and tested for over fifteen years.

About Dura Original™ :

Manufactured by Isola, the Original manufacturer to the same exacting specifications

High quality low tear thick fleece layer

Manufactured in 100% Polypropylene - no compromise

Secure adhesion of the non woven fleece and the mesh layers to prevent de-bonding issues

Thick material across all 3 layers for added strength and performance

Patented engineered wall fold for tanking/waterproofing

5 year warranty

Solving Tile Installation Problems

Issues with tile installations can occur where tiles have cracked over time, leaks have appeared in the room below or the substrate has been damaged by water ingress.

Substrate Stresses & Cracks

Movement in the foundations may cause cracks to appear in a tiled floor. When renovating old tiled floors, substrate cracks may exist which make the secure laying of new tiles impossible.

Moisture from above

Tiling in itself is not waterproof.

Junctions to fittings and walls are particularly susceptible to water seepage which can damage the substrate.

Moisture From Below

In the case of laying on new concrete screeds, residual moisture from the screed may accumulate under the tiles and damage the adhesive bond.

The solution – Dura Original™

Decoupling & Sealing System

Substrate Stresses/Substrate Cracks

By installing Dura Original™ matting, stresses, vibration, shear force and component movements are absorbed and not transferred to the surface. Thus leaving the tile and the grout free of damage. This shear force protection allows safe install of new tiles on old cracked tiles and substrates.

Moisture From Below

The non woven fleece backing which absorbs screed movement and moisture. When used with sealing accessories, Dura Original™ provides a waterproofing seal in wet areas.

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